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Restart VS suspend which one do you use?


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Let me explain. There are a few options how it can turn on and off using remote 

1. restart

2. suspend 

3. turn off

the order might be different but u know what i mean. 
I have it set to suspend. I use it because i like i like for the player to wake up quick when i turn it on. It works great but from time to time when i try to watch the movie it starts to load it very slow. It starts to play a movie and then every 5-7 seconds it stops, waits and continues to play then stops again and on and on.  
i thought its transcoding issue with Plex. Not the case, same movie playes without any issues on the pc with plex installed. Its not the hard drive speed so it must be network. Im using wired connection. Im using power line network adapters and i know theyre not as good good as have it directly connected to network router but it is what it is. 

Once I reset the device through the menus and choose “restart” as an option. Same video file that was lagging just a minute ago works perfectly without interruptions after the restart. For the long time i was thinking it must be my connection. Maybe its too slow to drag 20gigs media file over network and that would be the case but why after restart of the unit everything works. 
i blame android operating system. Do you think that can be it? It needs to be restarted from time to time to refresh something  


ps, i dont have anything else installed on the unit it self. Except jellyfin but i dont run them side by side. 

any ideas or has anyone else have seen this with theyre unit?

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