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Help porting Radxa Zero vanilla Debian image to VidStick Max

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The hardware combination of the VidStick Max ST-4000 is very appealing for use as a pocketable general purpose Linux box; it's low power, has 4Gb RAM, USB3, microSD, eMMC and a CPU supported by Debian-, OpenSUSE- and Arch-based distros.

Keeping in mind this quote from BuzzTV's "About Us" section...:

"Mission StatementOne of the main considerations is to always listen to our customers and their needs. The ideal is simple “If you don’t listen to your customer, eventually someone else will”. In order to achieve this, we continually innovate. To do this is to provide the basic principles of a great work environment culture and ensuring our teams always have “best in class” tools, training and work experience. The journey is as good as our products."

...I would like to ask how should one go about putting vanilla Debian, for example, on the VidStick Max ST-4000?


The Allwinner S905Y2 CPU on this box is the same as that on the Radxa Zero, for which there are Debian-, OpenSUSE- and Arch-based images but there is also CoreELEC support for the Radxa Zero. CoreELEC and BuzzTV have partnered on porting CoreELEC to some of BuzzTV's boxes but not yet the VidSticks.


If CoreELEC can support the Radxa Zero and can partner with BuzzTV, it seems to me that most of the groundwork is already in place to benefit from some of those Radxa Zero images and reuse/repurpose them for the VidSticks.


If it is that "simple" (though I imagine it might be necessary to change the kernel and dtb files used in those images), are there any members of the community willing to help me work through the process?


I think this could be a really useful selling point for the VidSticks, particularly when CoreELEC stops supporting the -ng S905Y2 beyond KODI 21.

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