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XP3000 MultiReboot Eventual Failure


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I have a BussTV XP3000. It has started to act oddly. For the past few months, it has started to randomly reboot itself. It doesn't appear to be related to any particular app. After it reboots, it will continue to recover, however, after a while, it stops doing that and all I'm left with is a box with an orange and red led light sequence. It doesn't recover from this. If I unplug it, and shelve it for a few weeks or a month, and plug it back it, the box will work fine. Soon, it starts to demonstrate the same behaviour again.

Thoughts? Sadly, I don't have the sales receipt any longer.


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Hi dishuser,

I continue to have this issue, and at one point, I felt this had been the solution as I had been having intermittent success with it. I'm wondering if its a hardware issue, or an operating system problem that could be resolved by reflashing if thats even possible.

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39 minutes ago, MaxArk68 said:

If that is the same as what dishuser suggested in post 2, then yes. (the hidden button on the underside of the unit)

No resolsoution currently. It has worked in the past, but that may have been just coincidental. Its not doing anything now.

and you chose wipe data/factory reset in recovery mode?

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Push pin and hold.

Plug in power to back of machine (only way to power off machine - remote does nothing to power on or off box)

Nothing ... just an orange and red indicator LED.

I think it's dead. (for a few weeks anyway, then it will be like a Phoenix and rise from the ashes again)

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