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Hi, ....again I wish there was a forum for general questions and not just model specific...anyway, are there any Buzz boxes that have built-in bluetooth transmission for audio to, say for example,  bluetooth headphones?  I need to be able to watch TV with no sound in the room due to a sleeping parrot.

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As DU mentioned, they all do.  I use a cheap BT earpiece in my bedroom when watching TV and wife is asleep.  I have an xrs4900 in the bedroom.  In my office, I use the X5, and since it is connected to an HP computer monitor, I use anker bluetooth speaker for audio.

The older boxes, using BT4, sometimes had a small lag, but if I recall there were some possible adjustments.  The newer units with BT5, have been pretty straight forward and pretty much always in sync.


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Sorry, don't have a 4000 to test it.  I used to have my xpl3000 (which I never tested the BT), and then jumped to an xrs4500.

On the XRS4500, most bluetooth devices I have, work fine.  There are few el-cheapo Chinese headphone I have, which rarely reconnect on their own. 

A few minutes ago, I re-tested with one of my Plantronics PLT Focus headset and it works flawlessly.  I power it off, and the xrs4500 (within 3 or 4 seconds) detects it's offline and switches audio output.. I turn it back on and reconnects within 5 seconds max.  Tried it at least a dozen times and it was flawless.   Tried the same test with an Anker BT speaker and it works pretty much the same.  And even an el-cheapo promo BT speaker from "Sapporo", works just as well.  Like I mentioned, 2 cheap sets of in-ear BT headphones that I have will not auto reconnect.  I need to go into the accessories screen and force it to repair.  But those are the only ones, and I think it is the headphones crappy design, more than anything.

I don't know if the 4000 is the same, but maybe try different devices.


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