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As dishuser said, you can watch a channel on one server and record on another server.  However NO, when you are looking at a channel list, it is the channel list of 1 server, BuzzTV does not mix the channel lists of all servers to present you with a single combined list.



Comme l'a dit dishuser, vous pouvez regarder une chaîne sur un serveur et enregistrer sur un autre serveur.  Cependant NON, lorsque vous regardez une liste de chaînes, il s'agit de la liste de chaînes d'un serveur, BuzzTV ne mélange pas les listes de chaînes de tous les serveurs pour vous présenter une seule liste combinéee.

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Here are 2 youtube videos... One review of the X5 and one of the older xrs4900 and they both show BuzzTV 5 app clips during the videos:



And an older review of the xrs4900, which has a few snapshots also.

One thing most of the videos don't show (which is something I like and most basic players don't have is a nice EPG matrix).  Which you will also find halfway though this review (and attached below).





And in terms of language, the BuzzTV 5 app is only in English as far as I know.  I tried changing the language to French (on the Android Settings), and some of the built in Android apps, change language.  But the BuzzTV 5 app is only in English.   Not sure if there is any plan to add any other languages.





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