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Connecting a Laptop to Buzz


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Since Buzz X5 is an android just like my phone and I can connect my phone to my laptop, is there a way I can

connect my laptop to it and get in there to remove the downloaded 

movies?  I tried with and sdhc card on the usb 3.0 I see it on ES files but I just can't transfer it on the sdhc

it's not allowing me, it would be much easier to go directly inside with my laptop instead of screwing the

dog with an external option.  

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I typically use something like Solid Explorer which gives you a split screen.   On one side I open up a windows (SMB) share (in my case, it's a share folder on my NAS = "Angel").  On the opposite side I go to the subdirectory under /Android/Data/.....where the movies are downloaded, and then I copy&paste from one side to the other.  Works perfectly. 

I have my SMB share bookmarked, so I don't need to constantly browse for it.  Same thing for the Android/Data.... directory.  And by default when I open solid explorer, it opens up both sides, to the exact same location they were when I closed it.  Making a simple task for something you may do regularly.

Sorry for the bad pic, but just took a pic of my screen 🙂




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