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BuzzTV 5 won't update or play iptv


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i have a buzztv 5 that won't update or play iptv ch's anymore?

it just hangs on the  xtream code loading stream and looks like it's searching for content?

it does the same thing on tivimate but pluto tv and cyberlink and other apps work fine

my other  boxes are working fine. it seems it's only having trouble playing iptv streams

also it just hangs on the buzz tv  ota update screen as if it's checking for updates but just hangs ther?

any idea's?

i've rebooted it several times and still does this


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Can you provide what model BOX you are using, and what firmware and buzztv version you are using ?


The fact that you say that tivimate on the box also does not work, seems like it is not buzztv5 specific.

As a quick test, create a new server on buzztv5, M3U list, and use the URL below as the playlist URL.  OK, no EPG for now, but that is not too important at this stage.

This is just one public M3U list for some redbox channels.  I think the first 2 or 3 channels on the list don't work, but the rest seem to work fine.


When you say your other boxes are working fine, are they active at the same time ?  If so, do you have multiple streams available on that sub ?  

Anyhow, try the playlist above, and let us know what the outcome is.

Are you connected via WiFi ?  If so, is there an option to try to connect with a cable ?

And just to confirm, you said that this is an XC type sub (not MAC) ?





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it's the buzztv 5 box


i have a X96max(older box) in the bedroom and a nividea shield and they both work great with the same  iptv playlist.. the buztv box won't even update itself? just sit's there w rotating widget?

it's connected to my 5G wireless and see's it

i'm going to factory reset it and se e what happens?..very disappointed that a box as expensive as this is a problem

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10 minutes ago, Comtech said:

..very disappointed that a box as expensive as this is a problem

And I'm disappointed that someone who claims to know what the problem is, can't even answer a few simple questions...


Can you provide what model BOX you are using, and what firmware and buzztv version you are using ?


And just to confirm, you said that this is an XC type sub (not MAC) ?

The simple test with another playlist is to rule out the possibility that there is something in your playlist that it doesn't like.  There are so many servers out there, that sometimes some use tags that may cause issues with some apps.  If that is what is happening, it will get addressed quickly I am sure, but we need to start with something common before coming to that conclusion.

The FIRST OTA update can take quite a few minutes to complete.  It checks, then it prepares for a while, then it downloads, and only then it installs.    If you interrupted the first OTA update, then a factory reset is probably your best bet at this point since I assume there is not much configured on it yet anyhow.



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35 minutes ago, whirly said:

This issue is connected to the "No Internet" issue. I had the same thing happen. When I went to check the connection it said it was connected to the wifi but no internet.

But he says that " pluto tv and cyberlink and other apps work fine".  So if there is no internet, the other apps should not work either.


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