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Location status won't turn back on


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I went to settings then apps then Chrome getting the options and I found locations and it was off and I turned it on but I thought that fixed it but when I went back to my app I still can't do a detailed test speed test that is it always says location service disabled I didn't have that before and then what it was me a chance to make it right the choice won't stick

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Nope it's still doing it I got a message that says location service may be disabled Android requires that the location services enabled in order to get the access to detailed Wireless information so after that error message it gives me a choice of not now or continue to enable location. So when I choose continue to enable location it takes me to a side screen that says location status off that I click on that and I get a choice of off or use Wi-Fi to estimate location. I click that button on it just goes right back to off

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1 hour ago, nbs. said:

go into chrome and type in weather,see if the prompt comes up

I  tried to turn my on in settings, it would not work, tried a couple different ways in Buzz settings

Until I went to the weather in the google, then it popped up!

and asked it for permission

This is what you can do, go to google and search Google Site Settings

That should work..

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I just went back into the buzz box settings to see if it went to WIFI location and it's lit up blue, so it worked!

you may have to use the arrow cursor, it helps make things easier, navigating.

good luck

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24 minutes ago, alikair said:

Well I'm getting such great advice I figured I'd ask push my luck.

you guys ever notice how slow vpns are ? it seems like no matter what VPN service I try my speed goes from 100 down to about 30

of course it does

it's getting rerouted severeral more time than without

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