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PVR issues - sound is out of synch


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What box are you using exactly.  Which version of BuzzTV are you running.

Are you recording by pressing Record while watching, or scheduled recordings ?    Have you tried changing the media player in the configuration ?

Is your sub MAC or XC/M3U type ?  Does your service allow more than one simultaneous connection ?



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Were you watching something else while it was scheduled to record ? 

This is not the issue, but be careful if you only have 1 connection. 

With a single connection, you can either record what you are watching, OR a single scheduled recording, assuming you are not watching any other channel.   


However if changing video player does not help, the other thing you can try is to change the stream type.

In Configuration, I believe it is at the bottom, change from TS to HLS or vice versa.   You will need to reload the server for this to take effect (may as well just restart the box to be sure) after changing this setting.


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And you said in an earlier post, that you only have a single connection.  When you have a scheduled recording, is your box on, and already on another channel ?  IF so, it will not be able to establish a second stream in order to record.  If not, is it turned off, or in suspend.  If in suspend, did you properly exit BuzzTV app before putting it into suspend ?  

With single stream account, it is a little tricky.  If there is another active connection/stream, the second stream (to be recorded) will not be able to be established and hence the recording will fail.   

I don't know your current situation, but just putting it out there.


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