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Issues with Remote control Scrolling

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this VidStick did get an update just a few days ago when I first connected online,  but I am also getting some lagging while scrolling in EPG or in that side-bar Channel List and also while scrolling  the categories, it lags sometimes to a complete stop for a few seconds..

I can Exit fine using the Exit command in the menu fine, but if I use the Back button on RCU  to bring up the Exit option onscreen, it does not bring up that option but instead it loops  to the Channel list and then back to full TV screen and back to list when I continue using the Back button.

That Back button when pressed twice usually brings up the Exit/Cancel command seen onscreen, or I thought it did 🙂

Version 4.0.467  05/21/2020

Using IR extender


The XR4000 took the update this morning and is working fie as reported in that XR4000 thread.

The Buzz app versions are the same except the dates are not. This one is from May 21 date,  while the the XR has the June 11 date.

And their Firmware versions are also different.

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I don't want to update yet because I think my issue may lie in the IR/Bluetooth setup.

I intially did pair the device, but when i first tried the remote it would not work at all ...  till I connected the IR extender and then it worked but with some lagging, so I then thought that the pairing failed and just went with the extender. however today the lagging and locking up has gotten much worse. It is also now even experienced on Home screen... The remote and batteries are fine , its the same remote I use on the XR4000 and that setup is working like a champ.... so i am currently in the process of checking on this IR/Bluethooth thing and test that before any updates


will report back when I can 🙂



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9 minutes ago, nbs. said:

I got an update today on the stick Now at 476

Update cane from main page dated june 11

I did get that update on the XR4000 today as well.

I do not recall if I had any lagging on the 4000 before the update, if I did it was minimal

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okay okay.. now do not laugh at me, nor even a slight snicker.


First I unpaired the remote (it was indicating that it was indeed paired) and tried again with IR extender still same lagging  seen.  So then I  did something I was sure it did not need.

I changed the batteries and now the remote is commanding the VIdStick like a champ 🙂

I was sure it was not the batteries, as it worked great on the XR4000 and still does if i put back in old batteries.


Problem now is that I can not seem to get it to Pair back to bluetooth so i can continue with these 'tests'

It did inticate that it was paired successfully  right from the initial setup, but it would not work unless that IR Extender was connected. And now it won't pair

But in meantime all is fine with IR  mode and IR extender


lol.... bateries , batteries.... did someone say batteries 🙂

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I loaded 3 sticks today and I had one that would not pair After several attempts I cancelled the bluetooth and went with IR

I then went through everything and went to settings ,remote and accessories and it scanned in the remote no issues

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