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Question about STBemu's

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Just wondering because the mac add i provided wasn't in the correct format. They needed  a 00 1A 79 xx xx xx xx number which was different than what the stick was providing me. After i installed the STBemu it gave me the number in the correct format. In the future can i just change my number to this format without using the emu?

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This is a misunderstanding that many make. I see it often.

if the reasoning behind these MACs was understood then it would be easy to understand ...lol, or something like that 🙂


stbemu = Set Top Box Emulation

The Set Top Box being referred to  is the Mag250

The Mag250 is being emulated in that stbemu application. The reason why it is being emulated is because the Mag250 has this thing preloaded on it called Middleware.  That Middleware is Stalker Middleware. And it is this Stalker Middleware that is being emulated and not the actual Mag250 box itself.

That Stalker Middleware is basically how the receiver can connect to any particular iptv server. Without that, then you'd need some way to connect to a server. The stbemu app is one such way.

the Stalker Middleware will use a MAC address and that address begins with 00:1a:79

All android devices or any device at all that is capable of connecting online will have a MAC address. 

A 'Smart' Refrigerator will have a MAC address

Your device has a MAC address. and let us pretend it is this --> 7a:dd:f4:ac:3d:11


Device's MAC = 7a:dd:f4:ac:3d:11

Stalker's MAC = 00:1a:79:ac:3d:11

Notice only the first 6 digits have changed.

The MAC that starts with 00:1a:79 will be directed to your onboard iptv app, which how the STB connects to any particular server . BUT If you use the MAC that begins with 7a:dd:f4 , then the iptv service would be directed to your BuzzTV android box itself and not the IPTV Stalker part of it....  And that just would not work :eek:

The BuzzTV is such an app and it did start out as a Stalker  Middlware Emulation, but turned into something else with BuzzTV's modifacaions and improvements and creations.

This is why  you need to be using the Stalker MAC with that connection method.


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