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BuzzTV 5 128 No back function with mini keyboard


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My theatre is controlled by a mini keyboard and dongle system.  The "BACK" button and "escape" button do not work.  I am unable to "arrow back" using this keyboard.  

The buzzTv remote works very well if you are in the same room, but my theatre configuration has the components in a separate room.  There fore I have to use the mini keyboard.

How can I get a "back function" to work?

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Compatibility of 3rd party remotes is always a hit an miss.  And the mapping of some keys can also be way off on some.

I have some remotes, where the channel flashback key is on the remote "search/magnifying glass" key.  And the menu key, is mapped to the "record" key.  However I have never had an issue that I have not found a mapped key for the "back" button.  Have you tried the emulated right mouse button keys on the keyboard ?  Short of trial and error, there is not much "you" can do as an end user.

Since Bluetooth has limited range, and as you have already noticed, you are better off with an RF based remote which use USB dongles.   Maybe getting something like the Buzz ARQ-100 (or the newer ARQ-200 series) would be an option to look at in the future.



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