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Local movie files onto BuzzTV


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You can use plex, jellyfin, or any other program if you want.  I use both Plex and Jellyfin with my Synology (RS3617xs+, and DS1817+), since I like all the metadata it goes out and gets and the layout when looking to watch something.  But that is more for my "permanent" movie collection.   Plex is installed natively on the Synology, and Jellyfin is installed using a docker image.

However, I am pleased to let you know that using VLC (that comes preinstalled), you can also browse your network shares, and you can easily play any music or video file that is supported by VLC.  VLC supports SMB shares 🙂  It is not as "pretty" as using plex or another media app, but it works.  Reminds me of the good old days when I used to use my WD TV Live as my main media box 🙂





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38 minutes ago, darrellrogers said:

I was hoping to use the Buzz TV app rather than use a third pary to connect to my Synology.

WD TV Live! yes me too! Simple times.

The BuzzTV app does not have a browser integrated.  It takes a server URL and/or user/password input for MAC and/or XC login style iptv subs.  Or an M3U file as input. 

Now, if you are a little bit tech savvy, you could probably set up a simple script on the NAS server which would regularly run and create a M3U file of all the media files available on your NAS, and then just point to the M3U file on your local server.  I don't see how different that would be from using an IPTV sever sub really.  You could easily get some M3U file format examples.  With a little trial and error it should not be too hard.

But VLC is pretty simplistic, and supports SMB shares making it super simple.  And the interface works pretty well through a remote, so no need for any simulated mouse pointers to get to some features.




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