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recording problems


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I'm also having recording issues with my 4900 and 4500. running 5.0.774  when I set a record time of say 9 am to 10:05 am it only records for 30 minutes. when you look at the recording in PVR recordings it shows 9am to 10 am but the recording is only for 36 minutes. I have tried recording from the epg and  manually with the scheduled record option but they all fail and sporadically record the entire 65 minutes. Any ideas?



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I have a very similar issue but on my new U5 “Launch Edition”. I have attached screenshots to demonstrate that PVR settings seem to be ok but my 1hour recordings stop at 30 minutes. Any ideas on what may be wrong?
I have CEC turned on on both the U5 and my TV and that works fine. Also, I’ve added two extra minutes to the scheduled show to ensure I don’t miss the advanced clips for the following show date. In fact, my show runs M-F at the same time, as shown. 
I’ve recorded manually from halfway in a show and it records fine up to the end of it. However, when I am watching a show set to be recorded by the schedule, I see the red REC indicator at the top right corner go on at the set start time but then go off by itself at the 30 minute mark. Both the TV and the U5 are on, so no CEC issues here. 
BTW, I usually watch the show live but have set it to be recorded to the PVR because occasionally I’m not home to watch it. 

Could some moderator assist? I’m baffled by this behaviour. 



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Next time, please start your own thread.  First of all, you resurrected a 3 month old thread.  Secondly, it is NOT the same buzz box (original post is for an xrs4900, and you are talking about a U5).  And surely not the same BuzzTV version.

What version of BuzzTV are you using ?  What type of sub do you have ?  MAC or XC based ?

Check to see when you are in Live TV, under Settings->Configuration, all the way at the bottom, do you have an option to change the stream type (TS, HLS/M3U, RTMP) ?  If so, try changing the stream type and see if it makes a difference.

I believe some providers will dynamically change streams, so that will end up stopping the recordings since the original stream is no longer available.

PS: If this doesn't make a difference, then please post the details in your own thread under the correct category (for the U5), to continue the discussion.

Thank you.



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