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VOD Audio Disabled & Won't Switch Back

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Hello,  I'm using the BuzzTV XRS4500 box and recently just ran into an issue while trying to watch a video.  I stated watching and noticed some subtitles.  I hit the green button to access the audio/subtitle menu.  While trying to disable the subtitles, I accidentally went down to the audio section and selected "disable" .  It immediately shut the audio off.  I tried to select the English track again and the box checks back and I exit the  audio menu, but no audio (video still playing).  If I go back into the audio menu, it shows a check beside disabled and not the English track I selected. 

If I hit the guide (EPG) button while the silent VOD movie is playing, the movie shows in the small upper right mini video and the movie is playing with the audio.  I try to close the EPG and it boots out and goes to a channel in the EPG.  I've tried to clear the cache and VOD watched memory, but no luck.  Anyone else experienced this?  I have Firmware V20211108 and IPTV version 4.0.530.  Anyone have any advice regarding this issue?

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when you press epg button are you sure it's the vod playing?

cause when I press epg button it goes to live tv channel playing in top right corner

 I can't replicate the audio issue

the issue may be is that you're running old firmware/software

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