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BuzzTV XPL-3000 will not power off

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The unit doesn’t power off and it always reboots. I press and hold the power button and select shutdown and it still reboots. I have the latest updates (317). Also decide is set to shutdown and not standby/sleep in adv configs. Not sure what the issue could be. Pls advise. Thx. 

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13 hours ago, nbs. said:

you might want to check available memory because your box is not up to date

current versiom is 2.0 (352 or 353) I am not at home right now to check which one

It is version 2.0?


Thx nbs. 

yes it’s version 2.0 (352). 
I have 2.6GB of avail storage (internal)

Power key definition is set to shutdown

also when I hold down the power key and select Power off, 9 times out of 10 it asks if I want to go to Safe Mode. When I hit cancel and hit shutdown again, it reboots. 

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7 hours ago, nbs. said:


 I would uninstall updates and let them reinstall and see if that fixes it If that doesnt work I would reset the box

Allaboutbuzz might have a better suggestion

Thx. I can definitely try that. Hate to have to reset <sigh>

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