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Vidstick Max picture/audio freezing

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My vidstick is freezing and out of sync. This happens on several channels.

I am running the same provider on both my x5 and vidstick. The channel on my x5 is not pausing or freezing. Same VPN city/server on both devices. This is only happening on the vidstick.

The vidstick also has the spinning wheel continuously on the picture at times. A restart seems to fix that. (also happens on x5)

 What is different about my vidstick to make it pause and get out of sync?


EDIT... No external storage on either.

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13 minutes ago, nbs. said:

Did you try default to see of sync issue goes away?

Yeah, I just tried it again. Note to self..... don't do that again. It was much worse with the default player. Not only was it out of sync, the pic froze while audio was still playing on multiple channels.

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Well, I ended up doing a reset. This time I changed a couple settings 1 at a time. Found I can not change a couple settings, like the resolution option to best. Caused havoc with my setup. I am back up and have all my apps installed. I only changed the temp. setting, turned on TS and maybe 1 other setting.

I am running well as of now. Thanks for the help allaboutbuzz and nbs.

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Now for the rest of the story.... So things were running pretty good, then not so good. So I reset again. Same issue. It was confusing for me to figure out what the heck was the problem. All the help on here, and it still wouldn't work.  So I got to wondering if my TV was too old? I had another TV here and was newer. I hook it up. Bang, many issues solved just like that. It appears it was not the vidstick all along. It was the darn TV.

.......making note to self.



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