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**NEW** XR + XRS 4500 Firmware + App Update - March 19th, 2020

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NEW XR + XRS 4500 Update
Firmware Version: V20200319
Buzz 4 App Version: 4.0.437

V20200319 Firmware Update:

-        Updated Android Security Patch to March 2020

-        Updated to latest Android 9 SDK

-        Optimized RAM

-        Added New Multi Launcher Feature with 2 New Launchers. Buzz Classic + Buzz Media
Can be found inside Buzz Utilities. You can now choose between 3 Launchers/Home Screens

-        Added New Bottom Navigation Bar, can be found inside Buzz Utilities

-        Fixed Power ON/OFF Issues

-        Added Netflix App

-        Updated + Fixed Chrome App

-        Added Miracast App


Updated to Buzz 4 Version 4.0.437

-        Added Recently Watched Feature to VOD + TV Series

-        Optimized + Reduced Memory Usage

-        Fixed some memory issues

-        Fixed Resume Feature in VOD

-        Fixed some catch-up playback issues

-        Fixed Apps Folder, installing + uninstalling apps now appear properly

-        Improved Channel Zapping Speeds

-        Added saving Closed Captioning + Audio Track per Live TV Channel + Movie/TV Show

-        Fixed Video Playback issues.

-        Fixed some search bugs

-        Fixed some crashes

-        Fixed some issues with Forwarding URLs

-        Fixed some issues with MAC Portals


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