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Repeated error messages.

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Hi all. New here. First post.

I was having repeated error messages "Buzz TV wont respond." and "Android something something something something." But it keeps displaying these same messages back to back to back to back.

I went to Buzz TV website and filled out the "contact us" form. They asked for my serial number and mac address, which i provided them, but nothing since. I was in my bedroom.


Just came out to the living room where the box is and it is stuck on the Buzz TV XRS4500 landing page and wont reset. i've powered down and powered it back up and it stays stuck on this page. I've tried using the remote to restart it but it won't respond.

Any thoughts?

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Here we go again. Repeated error messages: "Google Services Framew ... keeps stopping." "System UI isn't responding" "Buzz TV 5 keeps stopping." The error messages cycle on and on. This started last night.

I restarted the unit- no joy,  same thing.

I turned off the power and restarted- same thing.

I turned off the power and restarted and did the pin reset in the back of the unit- same thing

I uncoupled it from power for ten minutes, restarted and pin reset in the back of the unit- same thing.


I'd appreciate any help. There are rugby games on that i'm missing and I only got this to watch rugby. Thanks.

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I'm assuming it's the latest. I'm not super techy so I don't really mess with the box if it's working other than changing channels to watch different events.

I did see that it did an update recently, just a few days ago.

Right now I can't do anything to try and check (I wouldn't even know how) as all it does is cycle between the error messages.

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