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Two XRS4000 boxes freezing with the the spinning circle

Lee B

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I have two XRS4000 boxes that intermittently freeze with the spinning circle.  It occurs frequently and makes it impossible to watch TV.  Multiple times, I have done the toothpick hard reset, cleared the cache, etc. but the boxes continue to freeze with the spinning circle.  I disconnected the XRS4000 boxes and went back to my two dreamLink T1 boxes that I used before upgrading to buzztv.  When I do this, the dreamLink T1 boxes work flawlessly with no issues.  I have gone back and forth between these boxes a few times now and the problem always follows the XRS4000 boxes and the older dreamLink T1 boxes work fine.  I am running the latest software on the XRS4000 boxes (Firmware Version: V20220105, IPTV Version: 5.0.653).   My buzztv boxes are about 3 years old now and the dreamLink boxes are even older than that.  It's strange to me that the older dreamLink boxes are currently working better than the buzztv boxes.  Is it possible I loaded some bad software on the XRS400 boxes during the updates?  I appreciate any help that anyone can provide.

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Yes, I've tried both video players.  If I hold the power button down on the remote and select reboot, the box comes back and will work for a while.  When I shut things down, the box goes into standby.  Then, when I come back some time later and turn it back on, I get no TV  but get the spinning circle.

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On 4/18/2022 at 1:29 PM, Lee B said:

My problem seems to be fixed now.  An update from IPTV Beta Version: 5.0.653 to IPTV Version: 5.0.698 has brought my XRS4000 boxes back to stellar performance.

I am having same problem that you had but my IPTV version is 5.0.653. Where and how did you manage to update to version 5.0.698?

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1 hour ago, silver said:

I am sorry, I couldnt find it. I ran the CHECK UPDATE option but it says the system is up to date. I might have missed something. Can you please help?


On 4/17/2022 at 12:02 AM, Lee B said:

Thanks dishuser, I'll try setting to shut down and see if it helps. 

Thanks nbs, I'll pm allaboutbuzz with my info.


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