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hey guys, i got this service that claimed timeshift on all channels of a certain package, i never bothered but now that service has it i cant use it ! I tried it on an old mag and its there now when on buzz i get error.

“Stream not availqble try again later”

should i add a usb as it storage ?

like how did u guys do it to work ?



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Ive been playin around with all the setings using a 32 gig sd card, i get a message still “ stream not available try again later “ Once that pops up if i switch channel i get “decoder initialization error “

I have another sd with 64gig will try an also a 64gig samsung usb

i wonder if i should reformat these storage devices ….



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I have all set to External storage when I have tried to use the Timeshift function.

Play/pause works and I can go back also,but the problem I got when Timeshift is on is the picture  start to stutters/flicker,so I have to turn it off.

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7 minutes ago, Benfica said:

Just did a reset threw  setings same result

Once i press something to watch screen on top right corner automaticly  frezzes and “stream not available try again later “


will try a tooth pick reset


stream not available?  change players

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7 minutes ago, Benfica said:

My friend stream not available is the message i get when tryin to use timeshift

im on a channel

hit single epg

go up a few hours and press OK on whatever is there…message pops up 

Even with toothpic reset 



That is not timeshift ,that is catchup

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1 minute ago, Goonloco said:

Everything else working so fine,and many apps installed so a reset is not so tempting right now.


Very happy with the Xrs 4900 so far,fastest box I have ever seen,and work very well with Kodi👍

Apps u can always add again

plus helps othera when we find an issue and try to resolve it…this one doesnt want to resolve like this 🙂

Definitly not much more i can do at my end…

i did try all i could 



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They dont rewind then

i went to one with catchup simbol on rewind played then i tried a diferent one and the audio of that one i checked before never left was playin with whatever other channel i moved to

disturbia movie audio was with everyother channel… out of my hands 🙂

so catchup cant get to work, just tried again and no go

thanks for all ur help 👍

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