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Update 5 beta questions


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I understood “added background recording” as you could record PVR on one channel and watch on another. Is that the case? Or did I miss interpret what that meant. Because I tried to record last night and when I change channels the recording stopped. Can someone clarify? If not I think that would be an excellent add on in the future.

Also, I am noticing that on the VOD it is giving me the option to download shows or movies but when I try it is telling me there is an error and it cannot download this movie. Am I doing something wrong?

Also another future add-on idea, unless you can do it and I just don’t know how lol  is to section new releases within languages. I know there are categories of VOD but the new releases bulk them together and I find it really hard to filter through. It would be nice to easily categorize English, Polish, French and etc new releases.

Otherwise the new update is pretty cool. Seems pretty straightforward to use. The PVR definitely has a lot of improvements which is awesome! Do we know if the multi-days functions to record on those days weekly?

I feel like the channel guide theme style could have more definitio/colour contrast to it though. It’s probably just preference, but it just looks like a lot of information thrown at you. Everything is close in colour -  greyish hue covers the guide no matter which colour you select. I find it makes it more challenging to process what your looking at/reading.

Oh and the ease of selecting closed captioning is superior. I tried to turn this on previously before the update and I couldn’t figure it out/it maybe didn’t work but now it’s a click of a few buttons and it works immediately.

I haven’t come across any major glitches yet. I downloaded it late last night and have only used it twice to check it out, but for the most part I am loving it. Great job to all involved!


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36 minutes ago, nbs. said:

your service must allow two streams for you to record and watch another channel

you cant download hls streams

Thank u for informing me. I didn’t know.


what do you mean abt hls streams? It appears as an option on VOD. I’m just not understand why I can’t download if it’s giving the option. Can you clarify what you meant?

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