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Screen keeps going off and on


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I tried to move everything to the usb drive on the bottom of the box but the drive became inject by itself and now I try a factory reset but now the screen keeps going on and off I checked the power supply and the hdmi cord 

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First of all the integrated drive location on the bottom of the U5, is NOT a USB drive bay, it is for a SATA drive.

Did you try removing the drive all together to see if it behaves the same ?

Is the drive a traditional mechanical drive, or an SSD ?  I find that traditional mechanical drives tend to get extremely hot, since it is a non-ventilated compartment.  I strongly recommend using a decent quality SSD drive, which typically get just slightly warm.  When the drives get too hot, they will often auto-eject.

You said you checked the power supply.  Is it the original power supply which was provided with the U5 ?  The U5 uses a 12V power supply, compared to most other buzz boxes which us a 5V power supply (xrs4900 is another exception).



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