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Buzz tv queries


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I’m thinking of buying a buzz tv box but have a few queries before I take the plunge?

1. Does the buzz tv app have an auto frame rate option?

2. In terms of buffer limit, what are the options on Buzztv? E.g. can I set it at 0 seconds so there is no buffer or is there a minimum limit?

3. Multiple portals. If I add multiple portals/services, do they all appear together in one list or will I need to switch between them?

4. Does the Buzztv app automatically load/open when powering on the device?

5. Does the Buzztv app automatically load/open when bringing the box out of standby? I ask this as some competing boxes do not have this option, their app only opens up automatically when powering the device on only.  




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Right now,the latest public version of BuzzTV is version 5.  So the answers below reflect that.  BuzzTV 6, will be released relatively soon, with the introduction of the X5 SS, and the P6 powerstation, and some of the answers below may change.

1.  Yes it does, options are under the BuzzTV Utilities and give you details choices for enabling it under LiveTV, VOD/TV Series and PVR recordings.  Also has some other advance settings (for 3rd party apps).

2. Buffer settings, allow you to choose between 1 to 10 seconds on LiveTV.  There a "RealTime streaming" (RTS) option, which can buffer up to one minute ahead on HLS streams only.  And with RTS enabled you can also FFWD to skip to the fastest available part of the stream.

3. You can add dozens of portals.   But you need to switch between them on BuzzTV 5.

4. This is an option that can be set in the configuration menu (Start Live TV on Boot).  And I know it works, since I do that on my mom's box.

5. Standby is standby, so no, there are no boot scripts launched when coming out of standby, so the answer is no.  Either way, after having used 100s of boxes over the years, I have learned to prefer the complete shutdown of the box when not using it.  Suspend/standby tends to cause issues over time on most boxes.  Memory leaks, poor OEM drivers, and other issues tend to accumulate over time when always using suspend/standby mode.  Hence I prefer taking the extra minute to properly do a clean boot every time, instead of throwing the dice, and then wondering if glitches, hiccups, micro-freezes, etc.. are due to my server, my box, my ISP, etc.. This way, I know the box is at least fresh boot every time.  And for 1 extra minute, it is not a killer.



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Thanks. Is that RTS option for video on demand content? Ideally I’m looking for the minimum possible buffer for live tv channels. 

To do a complete shut down, can this be done by pressing the power button on the remote? Or would it need to be done by doing a shut down from the menu?



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No, it is for LiveTV channels only. But only for HLS streams (so depends on your server capabilities).

Power button definition can be controlled directly in the settings.  You can configure the power button on remote to do a suspend, shutdown, or restart.  By default I believe it is set to "suspend".  But I always switch it to "shutdown".  So pressing the power button, initiates a proper shutdown.



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