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Seth House

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I have not been able to get the EPG on my Buzz Box 4900 to populate more than a few stations on what is coming up, either shows No Information or Loading. I have tried just about everything under the sun. I have tried two different VPN's, selected sites all over the world and still can't get the EPG to populate. I get the stations but no information. Not much point having a EPG if you can't see what is coming up.

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Same here.  XC login, Server EPG (xml works fine also and seems quicker, but server is most up to date), and I have just a little over 6 days forward and the Buzz has cached 7 days previous also.

You using MAC/XC/M3U ?  Have you confirmed that your service HAS a decent amount of EPG (Try using some other iptv app just as a test) ?  I have used a few in the past that barely have anything (but that is not Buzz issue).  I even still use one service, which has 0 EPG, but it has piles and piles of international channels that others don't.

Have you tried to "clear EPG" in order to force it to try to refresh ?  On the older boxes like the 4500/4900 when clearing EPG, they can sometimes be a little picky.  So what I do is go into the menu->settings->configuration, clear EPG, then once I see the message at the bottom, that says EPG has been cleared, I get out, long press the back button to get the "exit" prompt.  Exit BuzzTV 5 LiveTV, and then once back to home screen, launch LiveTV again.  It will slowly populate again.  Some servers are faster than others however.  Main server I use is relatively quick, however I have seen others that are incredibly slow (1 channel per second in some cases).



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