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Inconsistent success with scheduled PVR recordings


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There are specific sports game we (try to) record. We schedule the recordings for the future, and then suspend the box. After the game has aired, we check on the recording, and for around half of the recordings we make, the recordings are cut off far sooner than it's supposed to. For example, we set it to record a 2.5 hour game, but it will only record the first 0.5-2 hours of the game. We are using XC (single stream in a premium service), recording to a fast and new external TF SD card.

Side note: Strangely, the other day we tried recording 2 different sport events (airing at the same time on different channels) and both recordings worked (recorded both events successfully). But we only have one stream, so I don't know why that worked.

Anyway, does anyone have an idea what may be happening, and how we can increase our chances of successful recordings?

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Version of BuzzTV 5 ?  from liveTV, press menu, and should be on bottom of the menu (5.0.xxx)

MAC or XC type login ?

If it is XC, have you tried changing the "stream type" ?  If it is set to Automatic, try setting it to M3U/HLS or TS.

Also, for recordings, SD card is not the optimal option.  USB 3 drive is the best option.  Even if you SD card is a super fast card, there is no specs on what controller/speed is on the SD slot on the buzz boxes.  SD card on buzz boxes is typically used for recovery/firmware updates.  I know many who have used SD cards, and eventually switched to a USB3 drive and problems went away (just a thought).

Now, for the fact that 2 recording worked even though you have a single stream sub, that depends on your provider and how they enforce it.  If you are in LiveTV, and go to menu->Settings->Account info, does it show active and max connections ?

Keep in mind that if there is a glitch in the stream, or if the stream gets redirected by the providers, the recording will stop (and not resume).  The stream needs to be continuous and flawless.





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