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Hi Everyone,

I'm very much aware that on this forum, with good reason, we do not mention services. However, is there a way of getting around this? Over the last year or so, I have noticed people blaming the box, or app for their (poor/ failing) service. Would it not be beneficial to discreetly, advise people what service works best with the box, (I know all do), but that's the best I can articulate it!


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First of all, this question has nothing to do with the 4900 🙂  As a matter of fact, the 4900 in my opinion has been one of the best boxes Buzz has ever released.  It has stood the test of time, and even though I have piles of other newer buzz boxes, my 2x 4900 boxes are still my daily drivers on my 2 main TVs.

There are literally 1000s of services.  Mentioning every service out there is not an option and has nothing to do with the box.  And peoples needs are different.  I offers 3 different services to family and friends, and depending on their needs (locals, sports, international, vod, tv series, etc..), I will recommend a different service.  And it goes without saying that there is NO service that is 100% flawless.  IF people can't tolerate the occasional glitches, then they should at least have a second service as a backup.  Or just go back to cable/sat or other services that actually offer an SLA, and cost 10 times more.

There are many other forums that have discussions of many of the main services we typically use.  Many of us on this forum are also present on those forums (often with similar handles).

If people want to test some services, to see if other streams work better, there are plenty of free streams out there.  People can use google and search for "github free-iptv" or even "plutotv channel m3u", and many others, and they can use those.  Truth is, I know a few people who have more than they need, just by using some of these free lists.  I often use these lists and create my own M3U for backup purposes for family and friends.  You'd be surprised how many decent channels out there are available via free streaming links.

So to get back to your question, we need to respect the policies laid out by BuzzTV for this forum and concentrate on actual h/w or s/w issues that are at the heart of these boxes.  BuzzTV does not condone or recommend any the use of any specific service (legal or otherwise).




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Didn't know where to post!

I have both the 4900 & 4000, both are excellent boxes. I have advised others, to purchase Buzz boxes, because of their reliability and ease of use, with the built in app.

I do respect the terms and conditions of this forum, and read the posts often.

Thanks Emporium


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