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recording programs in advance


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I'm not sure?

My buddy downloaded the Hive app for me and it works fine but I am not able to record.

In order to record I think I need to go in through LiveTv on the buzz box but when I click on LiveTv it takes me to the server screen.

And now I am lost!

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Hive app ?   You don't need any additional apps on a buzz box to watch Live TV or even record.

But you do need to have purchased an IPTV subscription from a service provider/reseller.  Discussions about IPTV services are NOT allowed on this site.

If when you hit the LiveTV button, you get the server screen, it means that your box is NOT setup to work with the BuzzTV apps.

Typically an IPTV sub is

  • MAC based (bound to your MAC address - or Server ID on a buzz - top right of server screen starting with 00:1A:79).
  • XC based.  You are given a portal URL and a username/password.
  • M3U based:  you are given a long URL which has your username/password within the URL, and sometimes you get a second one for an XML file for your EPG data.

Then to watch TV, you simply launch the LiveTV app, and if your service offers, you have VOD and TV Series integrated.

To record, you can either:

  • manually schedule which channel, start time and stop time you want to record.
  • While watching, press the "record" button on your remote
  • Or go to the TV Guide matrix, scroll around the program guide to find the program in the future that you want to record, you hit OK, and it will prompt you if you want to record it, set a reminder to switch to it when it starts playing, or cancel I believe.

But recording also depends on how many simultaneous streams your IPTV provider allows.   If it is a MAC based sub, it only allows single stream.  So you can only record the same stream you are watching.   XC and M3U will vary on how many streams the allow you to have.  If it is not mentioned, it is also often single stream only.  So every channel you are watching and every channel you are recording simultaneously is considered 1 stream.   So if your provider/service allows 2 connection, you can watch one channel, and record 1 other.   If it allows 5 streams, you will be able to watch one channel and record 4 others at the same time.

If you are using some other 3rd party app on your box, then you will need to get support on thier forum, since in this forum, it is ONLY support for BuzzTV hardware and Software.  No 3rd party software is supported.




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