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Buzz Compatible Universal Remote


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Does anyone use a universal remote that works with a Buzz X5 and can control at least 3 other devices. ? My Harmony universal IR remote, which I have been using successfully with the Buzz X5, A/V Receiver, and TV for many years has failed (and Harmony has now exited the universal remote business). 


I have ordered a couple of high-rated universal remotes on Amazon, but they do not have Buzz as one of their many media streaming devices in their code library (none allow you  to view their code library before purchase).  I'm sure the Buzz X5 might respond to the code  for one of the other streamers, TVs or other media devices controlled, but trying all the available codes without being able to narrow it down seems like a hopeless undertaking.  My A/V receiver and a  couple of other devices are IR only, so a Bluetooth only remote won't work for me.


I'm hoping someone has found a "non-Harmony" universal IR remote that works with the Buzz X5 -- or else someone who has some insight on how to approach syncing these other multi-device universal remotes that don't have Buzz in their canned library of devices controlled ??  The "learning" function on the higher priced remotes are often hit and miss.

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Don't know if any universal remote, but one thing I did notice is that the Onn remote that came with my el-cheapo walmart device, worked quite well on my buzz boxes.  Found out accidently, so something to keep in mind.  Maybe some other google based device code will work similarly.  Don't get me wrong, the "google" remote layout is minimalistic compared to the buzz remote, but just saying.  The basic functions are there.


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Thanks Emporium.  I have an Onn device as well and will give it a try.  Also will investigate other google-based codes.  Maybe I'll get lucky.  If not, just means my wife and I will have to have 2 remotes each on our side table. 

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