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XRS4900 Sound settings


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Can anyone help me with sounds settings? Background noise is too loud and I can not hear voices. Sound is only coming from my TV.  I did increase the treble and lower the bass on my TV and it did help a bit. I also changed from stadium, to music, etc and found the best one there. (I don't have any other settings on my TV like Dynamic range to adjust so that's why I went with treble and bass). In the buzzbox I went into settings and then "audio output". I played around with DTS Sounds and ended up going with 80% and this seems to help. Under "Sound" - system sounds in turned on and I can not toggle any of the other options under "Select formats". Does anyone have any other suggestions? Am I missing something?

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Is this with ALL apps ?  Even Youtube ?  Or just BuzzTV 5, IPTV streams ?

I have an old Sharp 1080p TV, and an archaic Audiovox which does not even have HDMI in (using AV cable with the old yellow/red/white analog cables) and I don't have any issue even at factory settings.


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Try switching the VOD+TvSeries to secondary and see if that helps.  Otherwise you can choose and External player and maybe try the standalone VLC player so that way you can go into the settings and manually adjust the audio settings within VLC

You sure it is not the source themselves ?  Some services I have seen that still include CAM or TS rips for newer films, which have crappy sound.  Try maybe an older 4k movie or something which are typically better quality.  Just saying.



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