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the Classic with a BT 400 remote


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I recently bought the Classic and the BT 250 it came with is too busy for my wife, she prefers less buttons.  I ordered a BT 400 because I was under the impression it would work with The Classic.  It does but many of the functions that are controlled by the Smart Remote App aren't available without the app and apparently the app isn't available for download, it only comes installed on certain boxes.  Has anyone tried to use the 400 remote and had any success?



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BT-250 is my preference also (since the BT200 is no longer available).

Even my boxes with the bt400 (X5 and U5), I have not enabled any of the "smart remote" features.  Actually on my X5, I decided to get another bt-250 instead.

Obviously your setup may differ, but in my case, it is nothing fancy, so I just have the TV, basic soundbar direct connect to TV audio output and buzz box.  TV volume is set to about 60% and so is the soundbar volume.  The box volume control is set to variable control (ie: disable the "force max volume" option) so the box can control the volume level it outputs to the box.  So honestly, the only thing I need to do is manually turn on the TV, and then the box remote can handle everything else.  I have even set the TV up to auto power off if it doesn't detect signal for more than a minute, so if I am too lazy to get up and turn off the TV, it will shutdown automatically 1 minute after I power off the box.   No smart remote features needed.  Box remote, turns on and controls only my buzz box.  That's all I really need.   

On my other similar setup, I have the BT-250, and only additional "nice to have" that I have done, is program the learn keys to be able to play with the TV Volume, and to be able to turn the TV on/off from the remote (not really a big deal anyhow).



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