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IPTV setup


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Having great difficulty setting up my iptv. I am using an M3 url, but keep getting a "Cannot load portal - Server error". I receive the same error on trying to load BOTH of my iptv services. Have I omitted some info? I have only inputted the m3 url on the setup screen. Am I missing something? Any help is appreciated...

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Welcome to the forums.

First think you can try is to take the M3U URL your provider gave you and enter it in a Web Browser on your PC.  If it is valid, your browser should prompt you to download a .m3u file.

Secondly, when entering the URL into the box, make sure there are no spaces.  The Android keyboard has a tendency of trying to auto correct and adding a space after a "." all the time.  Those extra spaces will make for an invalid URL.  Also keep in mind that the username and password, which is embedded in the M3U URL is case sensitive.

Thirdly, if you are entering this for the first time, and you have a PC at home that is on the same network as your box, the easiest way is to use your PC browser.  When you are on your X5 box, in the server screen, on the top right (under your Server ID) you will see that it says something to the effect of "http://192.168.x.y:8090" where x and y can vary depending on your network.  Leave the X5 at that screen and go to your PC and type that URL into your browser.   You should see a very basic screen which allows you to "Add server".  Give the server a name (can be whatever you want (ex: "service 1"), change the Server type drop-down to "M3U".  Now you can enter the Server URL your provider gave you (and XML EPG url if they gave you one), into the spots below.  To ensure no typo, you can even cut and paste it from the email or message you got.  Once you click SAVE server, you should see the entry appear under the M3U section, you can select it, to try to connect.





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