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Scrolling fast through channels


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When scrolling through both channels  and categories the topics will start moving so fast you cannot read them! It is as if the remote button is stuck ( it isn't) . When this happens I cannot stop it, it will stop on it's own. I tried a remote from 4500 and it does the same thing.

Also when I try to shut down, I press and hold the off button till I get the box in the right hand corner, then press shutdown. The question on the screen  will ask if I want to be "safe mode". This will happen a couple of times till it shuts down.

Any input regarding these two issues would be appreciated.

Thank you 

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I have experienced this a couple times. On a previous version buzz box it happened alot but that was due to the batteries being drained in the remote, especially when the backlight is on. New batteries and backlight off goes along way in preserving the life of the battery. 

But on the 4900 my battery percentage is around 77% right now and the scrolling was out of control a couple times. 

I don't get that safe mode error, never seen that one. 

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I have only had this box for a few weeks and as you said the batteries went completely dead, I will change them again.  Even with the back lite they should last longer than a couple of weeks.  there must be something else draining the batteries like that. I use Duracell Pro batteries , maybe I will try Lithium and see what happens.  I have 2  4500 and have never had any problems. 

Thank you for the reply.

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