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BuzzTV x5 128ai server setting MAC server


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I'm on a trial with a supplier and I'm setup to get timeshift.

On all its channels I can't do rewind forward pause. It respond ( Stream is not available try again later)

On XC/API some channels are not accessible but a lot are ok.

So how does that work?? Is a supplier have access to choose what if we want to use timeshift. Or the channels as the ability to decide if we can use timeshift or not?

Just to be sure I have included 2 pictures to show my settings.

Thanks for your help





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14 minutes ago, Gilles1945 said:

Thanks for replies, but on picture screen the ts is on in blue. And mo usb ts is off.


TS is NOT on in blue in the picture above.. It is "gray" as in disabled (like the "REC" option).  If it was Blue, the text on it would be "white" (in the the "single EPG" button below that line.

"mo usb ts is off" ?  Please explain.

You will notice that the channel you are on, is a channel with Catchup (from the icon to the left of the "TS").  In that case, to force the box to use the Buzz "TS" feature, you need to select the "force usb ts" to on.  If you check the "help text" that is on the right when you go to that option under the PVR Options page, you will see it says "Force the use of Time Shift on Live TV Channels with built-in Catch Up".

And if TS was ON, the timeline which is now in blue under the image, would be white to show the available TS buffer (correction: actually that is only once you "try" to rewind).



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12 minutes ago, Gilles1945 said:

I understand I pit usb ts on and now the icone id blue but the ts is white. Now things are working as supposed to.

Thank you again Emporium

Dishuser was the one who mentioned the "USB TS on" option..  I just explained "why" you need to.

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