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Setting Up Ethernet Connection with a MoCA network


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I bought and am trying to set up a BuzzTV X5 64 AX-C with an Ethernet connection.  When I am trying to set up the connection via Setup/Network & Internet menu.  The Ethernet screen shows "Not Connected".

I have also installed a MoCA network as shown in the attached file.  The MoCA device (Hitron HT-EM4) does show that the ethernet is connected to the X5.

The X5 is currently connected to and working on the WiFi network without issue.  Just a little slow.

Any troubleshooting or connection advice is appreciated.



MoCA X5.jpg

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If you are wired as per your diagram I don't see how this will work.

Your Buzz box ethernet is NOT going back to the router LAN side so the MOCA it is connected to is not really on the LAN.  

Cable coming in would typically go to modem, then to router, which can feed the computer you have, but then another line would typically go back to splitter to feed the MOCA network devices.

This is more inline with how I would expect it to be connected. MOCANet.jpg.f7ac7186fe0563070388cb9a0a5a0f81.jpg

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Emporium thank you so much for your response.  I'm new to MoCA and your diagram (especially WAN and LAN labels) made it understandable. 

My original diagram was also incorrect (I did have an ethernet between MoCA and BuzzTV and HDMI to the TV).

The system is working now.


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