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No issues playing in my case (many different servers).  I would recommend a decent quality SSD instead of an older style mechanical HDD to keep the heat down since it is in an enclosed area without any active cooling. 

If you plan on recording, I would strongly recommend having a service which used XC type login (not MAC) and with multiple connections/streams, since a recording will spawn another stream if you are watching at the same time.  Also keep in mind that the server you are using must be able to provide a stable stream, since any hiccups in the stream will typically stop the recording.

Also, if you plan to download large (4K) VOD, you should also format the SSD on a PC using the exFAT filesystem before installing it in the U5.  Using the default FAT32 filesystem, will limit downloads and recording to 4GB each.  Not typically an issue for recording unless you are doing many, many hours of the same stream straight, but if you plan to download 4k VOD locally, it may be an issue.  Can be overcome this limitation by formatting the disk with exFAT filesystem on a PC.  Not a limitation of the Buzz, but rather the FAT32 filesystem.

And "IF" possible, I also recommend using an ethernet cable to connect any streaming box.  WiFi is great, but can show it's flaws when you try to stream.  Ethernet cable is just more reliable and stable.


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