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BuzzTV x5 128ai M3U


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All the best also for 2024.

However I don't understand your question.   

So you go to server screen, scroll right to M3U and add new M3U server ?   Then you typically have 3 fields, one is just a name (can be anything), then you have the Playlist/M3U URL and then under that you have the EPG XML URL, which. 

I have at least 5 or 6 M3U entries.. Some I have XML and some I don't, but those that do work fine.

If you do not have an EPG XML line, you can leave it blank, but it is should NOT the same as the M3U.

Did you by any chance RESTORE from a backup of your servers ?  There is a bug right now in the restore function, that the restore will not properly restore M3U entries.  When it restores, it puts the M3U URL correctly.. But then copies the M3U URL to the XML/EPG url line also, and does not restore what was there originally.   The backup is good (files have been checked), but the restore function probably has a small typo.  I already raised the issue 2 or 3 days ago to Buzz and will be fixed shortly after the holidays. Should be a simple fix.  In the meantime, check/edit your M3U server entry and ither delete or correct the EPG/XML line.





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Changes in some of the isp providers and VPN apparently I can get it on with a jump to you tube and right back it will load all  portals once the first loads.

My LR U5 does the same thing if you turn it off.

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