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Program guide missing

Ken Wludyka

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There should be no need to use smarters..   But nothing stops you from installing it in parallel to see if it makes a difference. It wil not replace your BuzzTV.

Considering they said smarters, I am assuming you are using an XC type login (ie: portal with username/password), correct me if I'm wrong.

Have you tried clearing the EPG, to force it to try to reload ?  From LiveTV, press Menu->Settings->Configuration.  Then scroll down to the GUIDE/EPG Settings section and select the CLEAR EPG option.   If something get's corrupted, it may cause minor issues.  While you are there, what is your "EPG Source" set to ?

After a few seconds, give it a few seconds and see if it starts loading.    Does the EPG say "No information" or does it say "Loading..." ?

Also please post the version of BuzzTV you are using.  Just press the MENU button, and it should be listed at the bottom as 5.0.xxx.

BTW: I know it is obvious, but are you sure the issue is NOT server related ?  If their EPG is not working, or outdated, it will obviously not populate your box.





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FYI, on this forum we don't mention specific service names...  It is not permitted.


No information, sounds like an issue on the server end, but try clearing EPG to force it to redownload and see if it continues.  And if it persists, you can try with smarters and see if it has same issue or not.

BTW Is the date and time on your box correct ?  Just making sure, since that could influence what you see or don't see in Program Guide 🙂



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6 hours ago, Ken Wludyka said:

All is working now , Dont really know what I did , Changed  EPG to server  source

It could have been the  xxxxx source I dont know. 


Thanks for your help, Ken

why do you keep naming the service?

Rule #1 No discussions or mentions about IPTV / OTT services, portal URL's and M3U list's.

Rule #2 No spam. All automated messages, advertisements, and links to competitor websites will be deleted immediately.

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