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Question on backup on U5


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I have a U5 that is all setup just the way I like everything.

My question is if I buy a second U5 could I take the backup I made of my first U5 and install that backup on my second U5 and would everything be the same on both boxes?

I have programs like a VPN, iPTV providers, Speed test sites and a few other programs that are all setup, this would make everything a lot easier if I could use this backup to setup my second U5.

Is this possible?

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And that is what had been said above.   BuzzTV settings are backed up.   

But it is not a backup in the sense that if you you restore it, you will NOT have the backup of your other 3rd party apps (vpn, video players, speed testers, ets..)   It is just the buzztv app settings and options.

But before resetting your box, I strongly recommend to check and make sure you have the backup file(s) on your USB stick, and that it was not stored internally.


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5 hours ago, Nunzio D said:

When backing up on the 4900 or my u5 it ask

backup app setting

backup servers=Favorites Groups

then ask servers which i happen to have 3 different servers i put a ck mark in then i just clk on next and saves it.


that's what I said...buzztv app settings


the 4900 doesn't save to usb/card

you have to manually move it after backing it up

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