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Formtting for internal storage

Mathew Hart

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Team, currently, I'm using a 64 GB USB 3.0 drive for recording and extra space for TS. I ordered a 256 GB micro SD card, which I formatted to exfat; every time I try to format it with the box to move to internal storage, it fails; I have a 64 GB that I had lying around, so I tried that one, same results. Any advice?

The 256 and 64 are both class 10 cards, one Sandisk, the other Sony 

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I have never used MicroSD for anything other than flashing a box.  Even Class10 spec is so outdated, it only means the card has a minimum write speed of 10MB/s.  Many cards can do a lot more, but nothing forces them to guarantee that.   Not very high speed when you consider USB 3 real world transfer rates are around 80+MB/s  and even USB2 is a little over 20MB/s real world.  Also not sure MicroSD is the best option for TS, since TS just writes continuously, so unless you have a high endurance card, not sure it will survive very long even if it could be used.

And MicroSD is a little more complicated with all the classes and features.. Class 10, U1, U3, UHS-I, UHS-II, V6, V10, V30, etc.... 

And even if you get a card with the highest spec, not sure the integrated MicroSD card slot is designed to take full advantage of it.  You would have been better off with a USB3 drive honestly.

Also, you should NEVER format any storage (USB, MIcroSD, etc..) as internal storage.  Always leave it as "portable storage".   Making it internal, will try to install some apps to the card and eventually when it fails or you remove it, you will be stuck in a  situation where only a hard reset would allow you to truly recover.  Formatting MicroSD as Internal (aka Adopted) storage was Android's attempt to help with devices that had low onboard storage, but it is a nightmare in my opinion.  Unless you are really stuck with no other option, leave it as portable.  Apps (like camera, recording, etc..) will be able to use it as portable storage and offload from the internal. 






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