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I cannot pair second remote


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I am trying to add a second remote to my Classic box. It is not working.


 I go to the menu to add a device. It searches
I hold down the VOLUME DOWN and SELECT buttons until red light flashes
I see BT-250 in the upper right. I'm not sure if it is my original remote or the new one. Pressing SELECT on the new remote doesn’t do anything. 
Pressing SELECT on the original remote causes it to start pairing, but it fails
Just waiting for it to pair on it’s own doesn’t work either. It eventually times out.

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And enlighten us WHY you would want to pair 2 remotes at once ? 🙂   

Realize that the BuzzTV tools for backlighting and button shortcuts would probably be messed up if you have 2 active remotes, since this is not a very common request.

If you want 2 remotes, then I would strongly recommend looking at one of the BuzzTV ARQ remotes which would be using a USB dongle (not BlueTooth).

I have had 2 remotes paired on my X5 in the past (a BT400 and a BT250).  But that was only because I was testing the BT250 and was too lazy to pull out and setup my Classic box.  The Remote tool was only reporting 1 of the remotes however, even though both were pared and connected according to the device menu. And I do recall having had to play around and had found some sequence of button presses to get it to work, since it would not work as it does when you are pairing the first remote. 

I don't recall the whole process (been a while), but I think I had to put the remote into pairing, then add device on the box.. When the box starts pairing, I would press the "back" button, which exit pairing mode from the remote, and then I would immediately re-enter pairing mode on the remote, and press OK.   Anyhow, been a while, and would need to retry it, but it is far from being something high on the priority list 🙂





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