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SUSPEND option has a glitch i think.


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Hello everyone,

I was wondering if i could get some help on this. 

There are a few option for U5, one of which is to SUSPEND an other one to RESTART and one more SHUTDOW/Turn OFF in power management. I use SUSPEND all the time since its much faster to wake up the unit after its been turned off and not to wait for the LOGO load on the screen. 

The problem is and its been happening consistently since i bought it about 6 months ago. 

1. Restart the unit.

2. Turn it to SUSPEND = turning off U5, it will go into a "sleep" mode which will allow it to turn back ON much faster.

3. Watch a few movies. Does not matter in which format or length but usually i watch UHD 4k off the network shares. 

4. Turn off using SUSPEND.

5. After few days when i got back to continue watching the same movie OR the movies that i watched the other day. U5 is lagging while trying to load the move. The unit it self works fine, it loads PLEX or any other "video player" no problem, no issues BUT when it tries to play the movie that worked just fine a few days ago, its take much longer to load and once it does playing, it stops every few seconds and complains that internet/network connection is slow. Same movies worked before just fine.

6. To fix this I go to options and restart U5, it restarts with the loading logo, takes 10-15sec or so and its back to working fine, playing the same movies without any slowdowns.


Any ideas why it happens? At first i thought it was some connection issue between U5 and cat cable. Everything looks fine, there are nothing happening on the network when those issue appear, no file transfers, no one is watching HD movies anywhere else in the house. Latterly, nothing special. More importantly, restarting the until fixes the issue right the way which makes me thing that when the U5 un suspend mode, it maybe running some background commands like checking apps updates and such which bags down the android OS that would be not unheard off.


Anyway was wondering if anyone else is using the until in SUSPEND mode all the time without any issues. 


With Respct Dantes.


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This is an issue with 90+% of the boxes out there (not just buzz).  Issue is that some of the drivers don't really like suspend modes, and after a while they just misbehave.  It is primarily the network drivers, so obviously everything slows down and bizarre connectivity issues.  These drivers are not in source form, they are typically binary blobs, so not a huge control by the box manufacturers.   This is the main reason why if you read most forums it is strongly recommended to just shutdown the unit instead of suspend.  Yes, it takes an extra 10 seconds, but you know you have a clean boot all the time.  

If it was a 2 minute boot time, then I can see the attraction towards a suspend option.  But for only 10 to 15 seconds for a clean boot, I don't think it is worth it.  Especially if you eventually have issues and still need to restart anyhow.



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i totally understand. Thank you for confirming the issue. I knew it was something to do with the suspend mode + background process that are running in bg while the box is a sleep.

I bet its ANDRIOD OS issues. I had soooo many phones with android that are doing god knows what while the phone is in my pocket, it would drain battery life like crazy. Something that apple phones dont have an issue with, sometimes they do but gets fixed pretty quick.


Anyway, i will keep it on "restart" not a problem, you are right. 

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Android itself as an OS is not the issue.  The issue are drivers that are at the base for this issue.  Suspend mode is not like turning off the screen.  It is a low power state of the CPU, and stuff are not running in suspend (except for the occasional NMI/Alarm that is available to wake up the box.  But sometimes drivers have an issue when they resume, since they do not go through a full h/w init cycle.   Just like many older Windows PCs, that act funny when they come out of standby, which for ages microsoft would just disable the standby option since it was the cause for many instabilities.  Windows PCs have gotten better at resuming from standby, but you still occasionally need a reboot, and it will force you anyhow every so often after some types of updates so you can't go too long before a forced reboot anyhow.

For your phone, the issue is often crappy coded apps which drain battery.  Not an Android issue, but rather an app issue.  Apple has it's own issues.   Anyhow, this is not and android/apple forum (it's for buzz boxes), so I will leave it at that.

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