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I need help trying to learn how tolog in w my IPTV, And once logged in how to record football season is coming up. And I am get myself ready to go.

Brandon Crisp

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There is no support for 3rd party apps here. Support here is for BuzzTV boxes and apps exclusively.  3rd party apps get support from the respective suppliers of that app.

Typically on a BuzzTV box, recording is done when you setup your IPTV service using the LiveTV app that is already present on the BuzzTV U5 box itself. 

If you have not setup the server settings, as soon as you click on LiveTV, you will be presented with the server screen.  Where from there you can setup a MAC, XC or M3U type sub.  That info is provided by you IPTV service provider. 

If you plan on using recording, you should ensure your supplier allows more than a single simultaneous connection, since recording will be using once connection while if you are watching something else, it will be another connection.  Depending on your service you MAY or may NOT have multiple streams option.

Also, before football season starts, I would strongly recommend running a few test recordings, to ensure the integrity and stability of the streams.  Any break (temporary, glitch etc..) in the stream, will stop the recording.  Also, on the U5, you have a slot for an HDD.  To minimize overheating issues, it is recommended to use an SSD rather than a mechanical HDD, and not to put anything on top of the unit.  Some HDD get REALLY hot, and sometimes can effect the stability of box.




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