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Program Guide m3u - No Information Available


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I have a Classic 5 box. I signed up for an IPTV subscription, but have been unable to get the program guide to load when using Live TV.  I'm able to get the program guide when using IPTV Smarters, and the app supported by the IPTV subscription, but not when using the BuzzTV live TV feature.  

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Yes, I removed the user and password from the m3u URL and inserted the rest in the XC Portal URL. Then placed the user and password in their respective sections of the XC API.  When I attempted to connect, I received "Cannot load portal:521" error message.

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XC portal is just the http along with the domain name usuallly.  You don't need any part of the rest of the URL string used for M3U.   


And in worst case, IF you have a port number (typically indicated with a : ) it would include the port number


Don't need the rest of the string usually.


BTW: The URL for your EPG which you use for the M3U/EPG combo, is it a URL with a .php script to generate it, or is it a hardcoded path to a file ?  If it is hardcoded, it is not a .gz extension ?

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You can disable the Time shift if you want.  From  LiveTV, you can go to menu->settings,-configuration and you should have the option there.   I believe TimeShift only works with Primary player.  And you need to properly configure the timeshift storage location also (and ideally with a decent USB stick).

But glad at least it works now.



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