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New U5 keeps losing internet connection

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Hi, I have a U5 with the included hard drive installed. My issue is after about an hour the unit loses its wifi connection. I’ve tried to connecting through Ethernet and it still loses its connection. If i unplug the unit I can then reconnect it.After reconnection it will lose the connection after about an hour! Any ideas or suggestions?What is Buzz TVs warranty as I have only had this unit about a month.


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I would suggest not only ejecting the drive, but actually physically removing it from the box as a test.  Some traditional mechanical drives get a little too hot for the enclosed area.  Most of my buddies that have a U5, have switched to an SSD, and all bizarre behaviors went away.  When I got my U5, I never installed the mechanical drive, I just went to a small SSD instead which was perfect for my usage.

If removing the drive does not help, I know this is a new box, so maybe a true hard reset would help.  You can follow this video, it is for an xrs4500, but the method is identical.


I know it may sound drastic for a new box, but I have an HD5 which I don't use too much, and last week I plugged it in and it was doing all sorts of strange glitches for the WiFi/cabled connection.  I tried everything I could think off, , but at the end of the day (since I figured it was unusable), I did a hard factory reset, and everything now works flawlessly.

For warranty, don't worry about it, Buzz typically offers a 1yr warranty on most products.




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48 minutes ago, dishuser said:

once drive is ejected it uses no power so it "can't" run hot

OK.. I wasn't aware that the U5 actually kills the power on it also once ejected.   

I know many other devices, that an EJECT is just a software "data" eject so it is no longer mounted, but power was still applied and drives still spin (even though not accessed).


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