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**NEW**E2/E2 PLUS/E2SE/E2 MAX Update - Nov 17th - 2021**

Version: V2021108


Updates will be going out to all boxes in stages, so please be patient.


Firmware Changes:

- Update BuzzTV 4 App to Version 4.0.520
- Updated All Google Apps
- Fixed WV1 playback (Fixes HD playback in apps such as Disney+, DAZN, HBO+, etc...)
- Properly report AC3 capabilities (Fixes playback of AC3 audio)
- Updated WiFi/BT drivers
- Add Auto Frame Rate Support. Works on all apps. (Can be found in Buzz Utilities)
- Updated bootloaders
- Added feature to change background image on Home Screens. 
- General bug fixes
- Updated OTA UI + App to New Version. Will be next step to getting Buzz 5
- Improved Performance.
- Fixed a bug with boxes rebooting randomly.

Buzz 4 App Update
4.0.520 Changes: 

- Update Secondary Player to Newer Version
- Fixed bug with Closed Captioning on Secondary Player
- Fixed XUI Server Related Bugs
- Fixed HTTPS streams bug on XC Login
- Start on boot feature in configuration menu will now connect once internet is connected.
- Fixed 404 Error bug when connecting to some servers
- Fixed some crashes
- Fixed bugs with some forwarding urls
- Fixed bugs on Live TV + VOD + Server + TV Series Menus.
- Fixed some recording bugs.
- Improved + optimized performance
- Fixed a bug with some channels getting no audio
- Fixed server bugs that were reported by users.

Please note, you will need to take this latest update in order to take the next upgrade to Buzz 5 which is currently available on the XRS 4900.  We will release this to all Buzz models on Android 9 in December.  An announcement will be made soon.


Please leave your feedback below



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**NEW BUZZ 4 APP Update - Version 4.0.522 - Nov 22nd, 2021**

New Update
Buzz 4 Version 4.0.522

- Fixed bug where channels did not have sound
- Fixed bug with Live TV Favs not changing channels properly when using Organized Favorites Sort Option
- Fixed bugs

Update will be sent to all users running Version V20211108 FW.


You will get the update automatically, or you can check for it manually
When in Live TV or Server Settings Menu
Press Menu Button
Select Check Update
The update will automatically download + install
You will be taken back to the Home Screen
Reload the server to complete the Install.

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