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Having some trouble with my 4900


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The red light that stays on when it's off has shut off. It started the other day. Eventually it came on by itself. As I'm speaking it happened to me again today. I just don't know if the box is resetting itself or something else is happening. I tried unplugging it and plugging it back in. Tried pressing the power button on the remote. So far nothing any help would be appreciated.


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The red light on the box is blinking every 20 seconds. But I can't turn it on. This started on Friday in the morning nobody is watching it it went off by itself the red light I'm talking about. About 45 minutes later it came back on I was able to turn it on. I don't know if it was resetting itself or if they had an update? Now I can't turn it on but it's blinking every 20 seconds red. Thanks for responding any help you can give me I'd appreciate it. I'm not a newbie at this. I just never saw this happen before.

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25 minutes ago, nbs. said:

you dont mention if the box works or not?

The red light on the front is blinking every 20 seconds but I can't turn it on. It started on Friday within an hour everything was working again. Now it's doing it again now it's been over an hour and it's just blinking red every 20 seconds.

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