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**NEW** Official XRS 4500 Firmware + Buzz 4 App Update - Dec 29th, 2020

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XRS 4500 Firmware Version #20201218
Update is sent in Stages, all users will receive the update by Dec 31st

*You will receive a Pop Up Notification for the Update*
*Or you can check for the update manually from the Home Screen. Go to Update, Check for Update*


Firmware Changes:

- Fixed a bug on Media Player Launcher Weather Widget, switching to Celsius after a reboot when Fahrenheit was set in Buzz Utilities
- Fixed some bugs on Classic + Media Player Launchers
- Fixed a crash for some users getting “Bluetooth has Stopped”.
This will require a 2nd Full Reboot after installing the FW Update.
- Fixed Shutdown Bug. Box will no longer reboot when box is fully shutdown.
- Added a Bluetooth ON/OFF Feature to Remote and Accessories Menu
- Added a New Media Player 2 Launcher in Buzz Utilities.
- Added Support for New Version of ARQ 100 USB Remote with new buttons layout
- Optimized RAM for better performance.
- Updated Android Security Patch to September 2020
*Fixed a crash bug where Launcher has Stopped Crash would happen*

Buzz TV 4 Changes
New Version 4.0.494:

- Fixed a bug with some VOD + TV Series categories not loading properly
- Fixed Scheduled Recording bugs
- Fixed Playback issues with Recordings
- Fixed Recording Bugs
- Fixed a bug when opening Grid EPG and channel would stop playing
- Fixed a bug with some servers missing TV Series categories
- Fixed some crash bugs
- Fixed a bug with some servers not loading or logging in properly
- Fixed a crash bug when deleting a server in server settings
- Fixed a crash bug when clearing EPG Data
- Fixed a bug with Resume Feature on VOD + TV Series
- Fixed a bug with Secondary Player freezing on picture with audio continuing
- Updated Channel List scrolling to be faster + smoother
- Updated Channel List scrolling to update page #s while scrolling fast
- Updated Channel List scrolling to be centered when scrolling
- Changed Server Line name to MAC Server
- Changed Streaming Line name to XC API Login
- Only Server ID # appears in top right of Server Settings now
- Updated Secondary Player to a New Version
- Improved channel changing/zapping speeds on Secondary Player
*Fixed Organized Categories bug that was reported on 4.0.493*

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Starting to see failures now. Buzz tv stopped working stuff again. Same as with the 4000.

We sellers have hundreds of these boxes and make very little mahin on them, when we have to spend 30 mins resetting and fixing boxes for 1/2 or more of our clients we lose all margins. 


Please pause update and fix the bugs.



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1 minute ago, Joshuas Gems said:

Posted at 12:58 pm yesterday. It's 10 PM that's not even 36 hours.

Regardless. I have now 5 failed boxes with buzz crashing on reboot. Same as the xr4000. 


Please pause update and fix the bug.

do a hard reset

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