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  1. Yeah when it comes to IPTV nothing is totally secure it comes with the territory and you just have to be as careful as you can
  2. by no means am I trying to say that the xtreme codes portal is 100% secure I'm just saying that a lot of companies are moving away from the other two
  3. A lot of IPTV companies have already stopped allowing customers to use M3U lists but now they're also not allowing customers to use a MAC address because both those portals are security risks so the xtreme codes portal is absolutely the way to go
  4. DRAG00N519

    Sound loss

    That's what I figured it's not the biggest deal because I can still use other IPTV apps for now but I do prefer the layout of the BuzzTV app
  5. DRAG00N519

    Sound loss

    How is he not saying that he said same channels on different server work flawless. that shows its not the box at all and if I can use other IPTV apps without having a issue that at the very least means there is a issue for me with buzz five which is the application the boxes built around so that means there's a problem with my box and yes the issue was recognized he asked for my server URL and I'm assuming he did something with it but nothing changed for me
  6. DRAG00N519

    Sound loss

    With all due respect just because you're not having an issue with your box doesn't mean other people can't be having issues with their boxes
  7. DRAG00N519

    Sound loss

    Every issue I have had has been discussed with @allaboutbuzz at one point or another yes
  8. DRAG00N519

    Sound loss

    I have experienced this issue before and because of it I am using a different IP TV player at the moment I'm hoping this issue will be fixed with the next update
  9. I've had issues with my box from day one so that's why I said we have to see what the update looks like first
  10. We have to see what the update looks like first but as of right now there's not a box that has come out this year that compares to the 4900
  11. with the amount of changes and improvements that are going to be included in this next update it sounds like you might have to rename the box the XRS 5000 lol
  12. no for me the problem isn't specific to one app it's just any app you have to click the little arrow on the side to access the drop-down list
  13. That didn't help either I guess it's just one of those things I'm going to have to deal with for now @nbs.
  14. I was really trying to avoid that because then I have to install every app again but I might have to do that see if it works
  15. that didn't work unfortunately
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