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  1. The issue I'm having with my current box is different
  2. I should've clarified this was the issue with my first box that I sent back for a replacement
  3. It sounds like you might be having the same issues I am I have to restart my box multiple times to get the proper speed via ethernet almost every morning
  4. Basically if I turn my box off at all I have to restart it a couple of times before I get my proper speeds back
  5. My issue is when I put the box into sleep mode and turn it back on my speeds are lower then they should be it's a problem only I seem to be having at the moment but it's not a speed issue
  6. My apologies the app must've glitched out for a bit I just tested my speed again and now it's back up to 882 download
  7. I hate to keep bothering you with this issue but my speeds are really low they were ok before the update but now not so much I have gigabit Internet and i'm connected via ethernet and this is what my speeds look like @allaboutbuzz
  8. Mine does the same thing
  9. I have mine on all day long with no issue at all
  10. So does mine I would give him the name of my provider but the service I use only allows people to invite friends and family now
  11. ok I don't have a dazn account so I couldn't look myself
  12. Have you tried the app on any other device besides a Buzz TV box I'm pretty sure the fact that the app doesn't work is out of their control
  13. Yes I can still change the channel and no I don’t get a email lol
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