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  1. I have the BT 200 with the x5 and yes I got it so it will turn the tv on and works my sound bar
  2. don't click on update all, click on the app so that it's all by itself then click on update this is what i did to get it to work
  3. I have a 4000 and it works a well as my 4900 and x5
  4. Same as Ryu Version: 5.0.766 Firmware version: v20220919
  5. In live tv click on menu, settings, configuration and in video play try the other player. I had the same problem when i hooked up to my receiver and found backup works best for me
  6. Should work just fine just make sure you connect it to blue tooth I would use the BT 200 it's a lot nicer remote
  7. gig63

    HD5 Volume Control

    I have my x5 hooked up to my receiver I turn the volume up on the receiver and then use the the x5 remote for volume
  8. Your in the wrong area for this should be in 4500 thread PM allaboutbuzz with your version: in live tv click on menu at bottom, and mac in home screen click on settings server number on top right
  9. Follow instructions from NBS post above yours
  10. In live tv klick on OK, then left arrow it will bring up a list of everything click what you want
  11. gig63

    New update

    Update I unplugged the power 6 or 7 times and it finally booted normal and it looks like new update didn't install firmware version: v20220624 IPTV version: 5.0.707 maybe I'm wrong i cant remember what version befor Thank you for your time
  12. gig63

    New update

    Downloaded and installed new update, when it said to reboot, I did and now it is stuck on screen saying SARO
  13. I just tried 3 times the first two times in google play store i clicked on update now and it just sat there doing nothing. The third time instead of clicking update now I clicked on android system web view which took me to another screen and then clicked update and it was successful Thank you for your time
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